Consider Supporting Us...

Our church plant is growing! We are truly excited with all that God is doing. 

It has been just over a year that we started this mission in Arlington, TX and we are thrilled. Join us, as we lead people to God's heart, walk with those who are being healed and delivered from oppression, sit down with couples who are working hard to improve their marriages, and help others who are struggling in life.

We are transitioning towards full-time ministry and would like you to join us, becoming a part of what God is doing here. 

Yes, you can be a part of this in Prayer. We need your prayers covering our missionaries Johnny and Angella. The spiritual battle has been intense, and the challenges are many. The victory has been given to us, and will continue to come!

If you would like to support us in prayer, please reach out to us at

If you feel that God is leading you to support us* with a one time gift or a reoccurring gift, please click DONATE.


*All donations will go directly to our missionaries so they can transition into full-time ministry.

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